Frozen Products

Frozen Products
In the “Frozen” section we offer a wide choice of frozen products. Here you can find delicious home-made pelmeni, vareniki with jam, with cottage cheese, potatoes, frozen vegetables, fruits and berries. Freezing pancakes with fillings of meat with rice, curd, berries. We comply with all the conditions of storage of frozen products. We deliver Frozen products in specialized refrigeration equipment!

Foods that are properly frozen provide an ability to store them for a long time with minimal loss of essential nutrients. No other type of heat treatment available today cannot be compared with freezing. And our online store of Russian products in the UAE offers a vast selection of such products.

The advantages of freezing and products that undergo this process:
– long-term storage without the risk of food deterioration;
– saving up to 90% of vitamins (a loss mainly concerns of vitamin C, which is the most readily available at the present time) and almost all trace elements;
– time saving, it will take less than 30 minutes to prepare semi-finished products (and in some cases 5-10);
– maximum convenience and ease of cooking (available to adolescents, bachelors, and all those who are far from high culinary skills);
– affordability.

Assortment of frozen products

In Lavka online store you can purchase the following types of semi-finished products:
– dumplings. This is a traditional Russian dish with various meat filling options – beef, chicken, lamb;
– vareniki. It is another well-known homemade meal for people from the CIS. In our assortment there are vareniki with potatoes and mushrooms, cottage cheese, cherries, cabbage and other fillings;
– pancakes
– cutlets
You are offered with products of proven brands from Russia, Armenia and the United Arab Emirates. You can choose the desired option of semi-finished products packaging.
Order products with delivery in Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah
To make a purchase of semi-finished products, just like for any other product on our website, make a choice, determine the quantity and click on the ‘Buy’ button. Next, enter your details, address and delivery time, and then confirm the order. You can also make a purchase of frozen foods via phone or whatsup chat.
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