Boiled Sausage Semeinaya “Lyubitelskaya”

Boiled Sausage Semeinaya “Lyubitelskaya”

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Boiled Sausage Semeinaya “Lyubitelskaya”
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Manufacturer: Bacon Product Ltd

Country: Armenia

Ingredients: chicken meat and spices

Weight: 320 gr

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Product Description

Boiled Sausage “Lyubitelskaya”
Manufactured by GOST standards, the product contains chicken meat and spices.
The supplier of the sausage is the company “BAKON PRODUCT” in Armenia, all products of the company are certified. The main production of the company includes various types of sausages, as well as semi-finished products. Along with the release of traditional meat products, BACON PRODUCT also produces Italian and Spanish sausages of unique types. The Armenian Trade House (ATD) initiated the distribution of numerous food products from the CIS countries (Armenia, Russia), as well as from Europe (Lithuania and Latvia) to the United Arab Emirates.
Storage conditions and expiration date
Temperature 00C-60C, humidity 75% maximum expiration date 30 days.
Boiled Sausage Semeinaya “Lyubitelskaya” NON HALAL!

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